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Amplify your sales! Swap the hassle of branded product marketing for a dynamic platform designed for promotional products distributors like you.

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Consistent marketing is important… but challenging

Successful distributors know it is crucial to stay top-of-mind with their clients and provide them with a steady flow of product ideas. Yet, the consistent creation of branded product marketing campaigns – emails, social posts, and video – can be overwhelming.

We believe branded product marketing should be easy… and look great

Tap into our free services and harness the power of AMP, our turnkey automated marketing platform, to consistently generate product ideas for your customers and maintain a thriving sales pipeline.

Free tools for the do-it-yourselfer

Idea Generator offers a continuous stream of product ideas to keep your clients excited about their next project

Use our app for inspiration and easy content sharing, freeing up your time to do more selling

Get a personalized content feed with actionable information from suppliers and industry experts to enhance your marketing

AMP by PromoPulse

Simplify your life and amplify your sales with the industry’s leading automated marketing platform

Stay top-of-mind with clients

Send beautiful email, social, and video branded product marketing campaigns to your clients up to 5 days a week.

You are in control

Pick your preferred suppliers and we curate the content for you. Every distributor campaign is unique.

Easy to get started

Get started in minutes and in three easy steps. Campaigns are automated so you can “set it and forget it”.


See what others are saying

One of our largest customers loves the AMP branded product ideas email that we send them. They have already placed five or six orders for new items that were found in the email!
Dan Hamilton, CEO

One of the biggest challenges a busy distributor has is promoting their business consistently. When business picks up, it’s easy to forget to be proactive in your marketing. AMP helps to fill that gap by creating consistent, great-looking marketing on both email and social media.

Kirby Hasseman
Hasseman Marketing

AMP by PromoPulse has been fantastic.  It’s perfect product marketing with 100% set it and forget it mentality.  Getting started was super easy.  Filled out the form, sent over logo and my email list and BOOM – everything was set in motion.  Jason and his team have been great to work with as far as answering any questions and helping out when needed.

Now we have email marketing and great posts to our social feeds without having to do anything.  Fresh products in lifestyle settings sent directly to my clients’ inboxes all in the blink of an eye and I literally had to do nothing.  One of my favorite parts is the reporting that I get after the fact – how many people opened the email, how many interactions there were, how many unsubscribes there were.  It’s a fantastic piece to anyone’s marketing campaign to take a HUGE load off of your shoulders to connect with your clients on a weekly basis.

Matt Shucart
Advertising Premium Sales

We have been using AMP by PromoPulse for a few weeks now and I have been thoroughly impressed with this new engagement tool we have with our clients. We have been looking for ways to boost our Social Media presence and AMP is the perfect solution for us.

Jason and his team are amazing to work with and it is a very easy and simple process to get started. If you want to boost your Social Media and don’t know how to start, Jason and his team will guide you through the process and customize it to how you see fit. I look forward to growing this part of the business with our clients.

Mike Robertson, Partner
Team Sales Ltd

I love opening up the Daily Pulse each morning and finding an idea, product suggestion or something I can share with my clients. PromoPulse is delivering useful info versus having to spend time I don’t have searching for ideas.

Mandi Rudd

AMP has been a great conversation starter with my customers. When our last email went out, I received an inquiry for a specific item. Although that item was outside of her budget, we were able to present other options that landed a $2,500 order, and we’re currently quoting multiple things for the same event. Thanks for helping make our job a little easier and for starting the year off with new sales!

Katie Singletary
ROBYN Promotions

Take the Stress Out of Marketing