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PromoPulse helps suppliers exponentially increase the reach of their marketing content to stimulate sales from thousands of distributors and their customers.

Over 15,000 distributors use our free app, daily email and web solutions weekly. In addition, a growing number of distributors are using AMP, our automated marketing platform, to send supplier-produced branded product content to their customers. We have distributors of all sizes using our services and have formed strategic partnerships with progressive enterprises such as AIM, American Solutions for Business and Facilisgroup.

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“PromoPulse is a dream service for HPG and all of our subsidiaries. We focus a lot of energy on creating compelling social content for distributors and PromoPulse amplifies everything we do, with no extra effort, and precisely targeted to the right audience.”
Ben Pawsey, VP of Marketing

I highly recommend the Pulse Trends package offered by PromoPulse for suppliers who are creating lifestyle marketing content. With their weekly Pulse Trends email, distributors can easily share our marketing content with their clients, increasing our reach. Additionally, their AMP distributor marketing platform has exponentially increased the visibility of our products to the end user, and most importantly, turned our social media pages into quantifiable revenue streams! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become one of the select few exclusive brands included in these exciting new features!

Nathan Baine, Director of Marketing
The Magnet Group

PromoPulse has been a solid choice for our promotional efforts. Jason is easy to work with, and their services have seamlessly enhanced our marketing campaigns, contributing to our success.

Bryan Nichols, Founder and President
Hightech Grafix

In our business, it’s critical that our client’s target audience sees the marketing work we create. Using Sponsored Content on PromoPulse, we have seen a tremendous increase in both targeted views and audience engagement – both necessary to increase client sales and profits. PromoPulse has changed the game when it comes to advertising delivery in the promotional products industry – period.

Bill Petrie, Founder & Creative Director

PromoPulse is a great tool for suppliers to help supercharge their social media activity. It takes their native content and quickly gets it in front of a much broader audience increasing both views and engagement.

RJ Hagel, Global Marketing Director