AMP Automated Email

Emails that keep your customers engaged

Automate your outbound email marketing directly to your customer base with only a few minutes of initial setup. Keep your customers informed and inspired with emails that bring new and exciting ideas. Email is one of the most effective marketing tools to generate sales and nurture leads.

How It Works

Pick your suppliers

Select your preferred suppliers. We have the entire industry to choose from and have many pre-built lists from distributor groups to make selection easy.

Upload your list

Send us your client email list in .csv file. If you include your clients’ first and last names, we will personalize your email. You can update your list at any time.

Schedule your campaigns

You can send email campaigns up to once a week and you can send any day and time you choose. Everything is automated, set it and forget it!

What You Get

Send to any size list

While we have monthly sending limits for our regular plans (1000 emails for economy and 5000 emails for standard), we can quote lists of any size.

Beautiful curated content

We select the best content for your campaigns. We use ML and AI for discovery and creation, but humans still do the final approval.

Stats for your campaigns

We’ll send you stats like campaign engagement and clicks, plus we handle any bounces or unsubscribes automatically.

What To Expect After Signing Up

24 hours before campaign

We will email your upcoming campaign. You may change the subject line, body copy and even replace or move products.

When the campaign starts

We’ll alert you when your campaign starts. This email includes supplier information and the original content.

5 days after campaign

We’ll send you an email with full campaign stats including engagement, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.


See what others are saying

AMP is a fantastic and awesome way to stay in front of our customers. We received new orders as soon as we started using it. We’ve tried other services with limited success, but only this time it works! Customers are responding. So glad we are using AMP!

Terry and Linda Greer
American Solutions for Business

AMP has been a great conversation starter with my customers. When our last email went out, I received an inquiry for a specific item. Although that item was outside of her budget, we were able to present other options that landed a $2,500 order, and we’re currently quoting multiple things for the same event. Thanks for helping make our job a little easier and for starting the year off with new sales!

Katie Singletary
ROBYN Promotions

I’m super impressed with the number of views and already got a response from a client… on the first day/first run… that is excellent!

Stephanie McCue
Creative i, IpromoteU Elite 100

Reach your customers more often with less effort