Keep your client list in sync all the time

AMP is integrated with many top industry, CRM, and email marketing systems. Quickly add your entire client list to get started and any time you add new contacts to your main system, your AMP campaign list will be automatically updated!



Learn how to Activate the DC API

AMP + DistributorCentral

Facilisgroup Syncore

We need the Primary Key from Syncore under Home > Syncore Settings > API (if API is not enabled, contact the main office.) You can choose to sync AMP with DropShip and/or Store contacts.

AMP + Facilisgroup


Create a Private App in your account to generate an Access Token to send to us. Note: under the “Scopes” tab, for CRM give Contacts and Contacts schemas Read access:

HubSpot CRM Scopes


Generate an API key in your account, plus send us the Audience Id for your list. It is under Audience > All contacts > Settings > Audience name and defaults.

How It Works

Create your API key

Use the instructions above to generate API credentials for your favorite platforms.

We’ll connect to your CRM

Securely send us your credentials and we’ll create your integration.

Always in sync

Whenever you add a new contact to your CRM, it will update AMP automatically.


See what others are saying

PromoPulse has made AMP even easier with their new integrations. While it was very easy to send new email list updates to support, now whenever I update my Mailchimp list it automatically updates my AMP subscriber list. Super easy and super fantastic!

Shannon Loredo
Business Branders

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