AMP + Facilisgroup

Take your marketing efforts to the next level

If you’re a Facilisgroup distributor looking to take advantage of the benefits of AMP, our automated marketing platform, the good news is that getting started is easy! AMP is a popular choice for many Facilisgroup distributors and using our platform could be the perfect next step for your marketing efforts.

Facilisgroup not only offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions for promotional products distributors but also fosters a vibrant community and provides valuable technical services. Their community-focused approach encourages networking and knowledge exchange, enabling distributors to thrive and grow. Moreover, Facilisgroup provides top-notch technical services, including personalized training, support, and continuous software updates, ensuring that distributors can leverage the full potential of their platform. With a strong emphasis on community and technical expertise, Facilisgroup empowers promotional products distributors to achieve success in a rapidly evolving industry.



One of the advantages of using AMP is that it automates your marketing efforts, freeing up time for you to focus on other important aspects of your business. Consistent marketing is the key to keeping your sales pipeline full and AMP helps you stay top-of-mind with all your clients through beautiful email and social media marketing using content from your preferred suppliers.



We already have the Facilisgroup supplier list available so it’s easy to get started. After that, all it takes is a couple clicks to connect your social media accounts and send us your client list. You can easily integrate with Syncore using their API or customer lists can be exported from the system. The List Builder is a tool found under Contacts in Syncore and allows you to export your client list in CSV format. Once we have this list, you’re ready to start using AMP!



Overall, using AMP from PromoPulse can be a great way to take your marketing efforts to the next level. With its powerful automation tools and ability to track your campaigns’ effectiveness, it’s a great choice for distributors looking to streamline their marketing efforts and achieve better results. So why not give AMP a try and see how it can benefit your business today?


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We have been planning to be active on our social media for years and never got around to it until we found AMP by PromoPulse. We were able to use only our preferred suppliers we wanted and now we can sit back and let PromoPulse do the work for us. It is an easy set it and forget it program that looks good and saves us tons of time and money by not being distracted by social media. We wanted to keep our social relevance, and this does it for us and we can focus on growing our business. Complete no-brainer decision for any distributor that isn’t doing social but would like to!

Paul Bower

Reach your customers more often with less effort