Create Your Own Group

For large distributors, buying groups, regionals and service providers. We’ll provide a custom content feed from your preferred vendors at no cost.

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Content from your preferred suppliers

Public or private

Groups are found on the Publishers page in the app. Users can select public groups or access private groups with a special code. Try it yourself with group code “123456”.

Once someone follows your group, curated content will start appearing under the main For You tab in their app. Encourage your members to add their email address in the Profile section to receive a recap of your group content in their inbox each morning.

Content feed for your website

Easily embed group content into your website or backend system with a few lines of code. Members can see real-time updates of everything currently happening from your suppliers. Search for new products, inventory updates and current specials.

How It Works

Pick your suppliers

Send us your preferred supplier or member list. We’ll create your group and aggregate all available sales and marketing content from your top vendors.

Web feed for your site

We’ll provide you HTML code to easily embed your custom content feed on your website or internal system. Use your feed as an additional product search tool – we often have new products and specials not found in industry search engines!

Private group for members

We’ll create a private Group Key that you can give to members to join your group in the app. They will automatically get content from your preferred suppliers once they join.


See what others are saying

We are constantly looking for new opportunities that add value, save time and increase communication for our salespeople. PromoPulse is an excellent addition to our growing suite of customized resources available to our people.

Dana Zezzo, VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events
American Solutions for Business

We appreciate the valuable tool Jason has created to consolidate all of our VIP suppliers’ offerings into one, centralized location. A top priority for our business is to continue to grow sales with our VIP suppliers and partnering with PromoPulse has contributed to our success. Our AIM Members and ACS Affiliates find the simplistic functionality of the app to be extremely useful, with all the information they need at their fingertips.

Cathy Cummings, EVP of AIM Smarter and ACS Affiliate Services