AMP vs. OutboundEngine

A Comparative Review of AMP and OutboundEngine

In today’s digital era, promotional product marketing demands a combination of efficiency, control, and uniqueness. Two major players in this arena are AMP and OutboundEngine, each providing a unique set of features. This article aims to highlight these features and shed light on which platform might offer the most beneficial tools for promotional product distributors.

AMP by PromoPulse

AMP is designed to offer users maximum control over their content, a significant advantage when crafting targeted and brand-aligned campaigns. Users can select their preferred suppliers, guaranteeing high-quality, on-brand images for their campaigns. This level of control contrasts with OutboundEngine’s approach, which appears to provide pre-made campaign material without the same level of customization.

AMP also promises unique campaigns for every distributor, which can help businesses stand out in a crowded market. While OutboundEngine ensures attractive, high-engagement campaigns, it doesn’t indicate the same level of distributor-specific customization.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of AMP is its “set it and forget it” design, which automates campaign scheduling according to user preference. This feature can be a game-changer for distributors seeking to keep their brand at the forefront of clients’ minds without adding to their workload.


OutboundEngine offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools that include email marketing, social media management, a mobile-optimized website, and a product catalog. The platform focuses on creating and sending beautiful campaigns, automatic social media posts, and a product catalog that drives orders.

Unlike AMP, OutboundEngine also provides a customized, mobile-friendly business webpage that showcases your expertise, highlights your contact information, and captures leads for you.

Its product catalog feature also stands out. Every email and social post guides clients to your product catalog, featuring thousands of products from top suppliers, regularly updated to match your latest campaign. Clients can search, browse, and add products to a quote request that goes directly to you, which can be a significant advantage for distributors aiming to drive more orders.


While both AMP and OutboundEngine offer solutions aimed at streamlining promotional product marketing, their strengths lie in different areas. AMP is the platform of choice for distributors who prioritize control over content, unique campaign creation, and automated marketing.

On the other hand, OutboundEngine shines in providing a comprehensive suite of tools, including a business webpage and product catalog, along with its email and social media marketing features. Thus, the choice between AMP and OutboundEngine would depend largely on the specific needs and priorities of the distributor.


*Analyzed and written by ChatGPT from content on How AMP is Different and OutboundEngine


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