Happy AMP Customers


We think AMP is great, but don’t take our word for it! Here are success stories from distributors just like you.

We love the service and posts! AMP has made our lives a lot better 🙂

Adam Thornton, President
Match-Up Promotions

AMP Video has allowed us to reach a totally new audience. By using AMP, we pivoted our messaging and have been able to access a younger demographic on TikTok, capturing their attention with creative, branded content that meets them where they are. PromoPulse’s innovative approach to automated video has been pivotal in cementing our brand’s presence among a dynamic, engaged audience.

Kara Keister
Social Good Promotions

PromoPulse and their AMP posts have completely changed our social media game. Customers are taking notice of our high-quality, consistent, branded product marketing with our professional-looking posts. The best part is, is takes no time or effort on my part, other than to peruse to make sure our top suppliers are featured. As a commonsku user, adding products from my preferred supplier list is a breeze.  Knowing I have this tool in my arsenal, helps me showcase our brand as a forward-thinking leader in our industry. And the Idea Generator link is genius!

Alicia Hay Matthai
Haymaker Promotions

We have been planning to be active on our social media for years and never got around to it until we found AMP by PromoPulse. We were able to use only our preferred suppliers we wanted and now we can sit back and let PromoPulse do the work for us. It is an easy set it and forget it program that looks good and saves us tons of time and money by not being distracted by social media. We wanted to keep our social relevance, and this does it for us and we can focus on growing our business. Complete no-brainer decision for any distributor that isn’t doing social but would like to!

Paul Bower
One of our largest customers loves the AMP branded product ideas email that we send them. They have already placed five or six orders for new items that were found in the email!
Dan Hamilton, CEO

AMP is a fantastic and awesome way to stay in front of our customers. We received new orders as soon as we started using it. We’ve tried other services with limited success, but only this time it works! Customers are responding. So glad we are using AMP!

Terry and Linda Greer
American Solutions for Business

PromoPulse has made AMP even easier with their new integrations. While it was very easy to send new email list updates to support, now whenever I update my Mailchimp list it automatically updates my AMP subscriber list. Super easy and super fantastic!

Shannon Loredo
Business Branders

AMP by PromoPulse has been so helpful by taking the social media marketing off my plate. I’ve tried other social media marketing companies, but they were not good at doing our industry product posts; AMP has perfected creating content to spark intrigue and initiate the conversations that lead to orders. I’m getting more feedback than expected from my audience across social media and emails because of these campaigns! I highly recommend using them!

Greg Gregorian
Lunar Branding

One of my goals for the year was to ramp up my marketing efforts as a way to educate my clients on new products & new trends. But I needed a turn key solution to make this easy for me. AMP has been the perfect solution! The content they curate & send on my behalf makes me look like a rockstar. New leads & orders were generated the very 1st week. Give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Kim Hamlin
American Solutions for Business

“AMP allows us to tailor our emails to our needs, driving our company messaging home to our clients, and keeping quality product ideas, with beautiful lifestyle photos, in front of buyers at all times. In just a few short months, we have seen an increase in click-through, purchases made directly from the products presented in the monthly email, and better engagement by our clients in advance of upcoming events. AMP has been a big asset in keeping our sales pipeline full!”

Kara Keister
Social Good Promotions

One of the biggest challenges a busy distributor has is promoting their business consistently. When business picks up, it’s easy to forget to be proactive in your marketing. AMP helps to fill that gap by creating consistent, great-looking marketing on both email and social media.

Kirby Hasseman
Hasseman Marketing

Using AMP for marketing has been a game-changer for my business. Each campaign PromoPulse sends on my behalf consistently generates requests for information from my customers. It’s an incredible and dependable way to spark customer engagement and interest which turn into orders. Jason and his team make it very easy and are always a pleasure to work with!

Manny Chazan
Work Hard Play Hard Marketing

Email is a great way to stay connected with all my clients. This week, in less than 4 hours after my AMP campaign was sent, I’ve closed an order and it has already been put into production! In addition, my client has asked for other ideas for their team. I love how AMP blends together email marketing and social media posts for a unified message.

Christine Marion
Kool Stuff

I’m super impressed with the number of views and already got a response from a client… on the first day/first run… that is excellent!

Stephanie McCue
Creative i, IpromoteU Elite 100

I’m a huge fan of AMP! It’s always great to receive requests for quotes from our AMP email campaigns, but I received my favorite request recently when we were asked to quote a featured pen. My client loved the price and their logo on the product so much that they increased the quantity and placed an order that resulted in a $10K+ sale!

Becky Duckett
ROBYN Promotions

“I’m beyond thrilled! My main contact at one of my largest accounts left last year and I have been unable to get a response from anyone at the company until today’s AMP email campaign. They now want me to quote several products and have scheduled an in person meeting! AMAZING!”

Shannon Loredo
Business Branders

AMP by PromoPulse has been fantastic.  It’s perfect product marketing with 100% set it and forget it mentality.  Getting started was super easy.  Filled out the form, sent over logo and my email list and BOOM – everything was set in motion.  Jason and his team have been great to work with as far as answering any questions and helping out when needed.

Now we have email marketing and great posts to our social feeds without having to do anything.  Fresh products in lifestyle settings sent directly to my clients’ inboxes all in the blink of an eye and I literally had to do nothing.  One of my favorite parts is the reporting that I get after the fact – how many people opened the email, how many interactions there were, how many unsubscribes there were.  It’s a fantastic piece to anyone’s marketing campaign to take a HUGE load off of your shoulders to connect with your clients on a weekly basis.

Matt Shucart
Advertising Premium Sales

We have been using AMP by PromoPulse for a few weeks now and I have been thoroughly impressed with this new engagement tool we have with our clients. We have been looking for ways to boost our Social Media presence and AMP is the perfect solution for us.

Jason and his team are amazing to work with and it is a very easy and simple process to get started. If you want to boost your Social Media and don’t know how to start, Jason and his team will guide you through the process and customize it to how you see fit. I look forward to growing this part of the business with our clients.

Mike Robertson, Partner
Team Sales Ltd

Since implementing AMP by PromoPulse for our social media marketing, our engagement levels have soared, and we’ve received invaluable feedback from our audience. I searched for many options when it came to social media and PromoPulse made it so simple, they post on all platforms. What I love most about the program is how effortlessly it integrates high-quality, branded product marketing into our content strategy. Getting started was a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and guided setup process.

I’m very excited about their involvement in becoming a Facilis partner, which will be a game-changer for sourcing top-notch products quickly. With minimal ongoing effort required on our part, PromoPulse consistently delivers fresh and trending content using our preferred top-quality suppliers, keeping us at the forefront of our industry.

Not only has PromoPulse elevated our brand presence, but it’s also provided us with a wealth of insights and feedback about our social media content. It’s truly transformed the way we connect with our audience and showcase our products online. Jason always makes sure we receive any questions or feedback from our posts. Their team is genuine and so easy to work with. As an owner, It is so nice to have one less thing to worry about. Thank you PromoPulse!

Terri Blackbourn
B2B Promotional Group

AMP has been a great conversation starter with my customers. When our last email went out, I received an inquiry for a specific item. Although that item was outside of her budget, we were able to present other options that landed a $2,500 order, and we’re currently quoting multiple things for the same event. Thanks for helping make our job a little easier and for starting the year off with new sales!

Katie Singletary
ROBYN Promotions