A Comparative Review of AMP and ASI ESP Email Marketing

Promotional product marketing requires the utilization of comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly digital tools. This article will review and compare two primary tools in this sector, namely AMP from PromoPulse and the Email Marketing tool from ASI.

AMP by PromoPulse

AMP is a marketing platform, designed to streamline promotional product marketing by providing a customized experience. Users can select their preferred suppliers, ensuring high-quality, on-brand images for their campaigns. AMP also offers unique campaigns for every distributor, crucial in a competitive market. AMP’s “set it and forget it” approach allows users to set their preferences and automate their campaigns, a significant benefit for businesses looking to maintain customer engagement with minimal effort.

ASI ESP Email Marketing

ASI’s Email Marketing tool, accessible via ESP, offers a stress-free email marketing experience. Users can send customized emails to targeted prospect lists, thereby increasing their sales potential. The tool promises an instant and convenient method of improving sales conversions, driving website traffic, and enhancing brand awareness.

ASI Email Marketing is structured around a four-step process: creating a campaign, designing the email (with the aid of pre-designed templates), building a recipient list, and tracking campaign results. This feature offers a straightforward, user-friendly approach to email marketing.

The pricing of ASI Email Marketing is tiered based on the number of emails you wish to send, which provides flexibility for businesses of varying sizes. New users receive 50 free email sends each month, an attractive feature for businesses testing the waters with email marketing.


While both AMP and ASI’s Email Marketing tool offer invaluable services to promotional product distributors, they differ in terms of scope and control.

AMP allows more control over the content of your campaigns by letting users select their preferred suppliers. The platform ensures unique campaigns and provides automation, eliminating the need for constant monitoring and adjustments.

On the other hand, ASI’s Email Marketing tool is a more manual process for creating email marketing. It provides pre-designed templates that can be customized with products directly from ESP. The tool also includes a straightforward, step-by-step process for campaign creation, design, recipient selection, and results tracking.

ASI’s Email Marketing is essentially a part of a broader set of services provided by ASI through ESP, while AMP is more focused. This distinction might be relevant for businesses looking for a more extensive or a more focused solution.


In deciding between AMP and ASI’s Email Marketing tool, distributors should consider their specific needs and resources. If a business prioritizes full control over content and values the uniqueness and automation of campaigns, AMP would be a suitable choice. If a distributor is looking for a straightforward, comprehensive, and user-friendly approach to email marketing, they might find ASI’s Email Marketing tool more beneficial. Ultimately, the choice will depend on the individual needs and objectives of the promotional product distributor.


*Analyzed and written by ChatGPT from content on How AMP is Different and ASI ESP Email Marketing


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I’m a huge fan of AMP! It’s always great to receive requests for quotes from our AMP email campaigns, but I received my favorite request recently when we were asked to quote a featured pen. My client loved the price and their logo on the product so much that they increased the quantity and placed an order that resulted in a $10K+ sale!

Becky Duckett
ROBYN Promotions

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