Maximizing Social Media Reach and Engagement with AMP Social and AMP Video

Written By: PromoPulse
February 19, 2024

AMP Social and AMP Video allow promotional products distributors to consistently stay top-of-mind through branded product social media marketing. We help you reach clients with beautiful lifestyle images and video from your preferred suppliers across all major platforms. But while we will provide the content, AMP customers must still actively build their audience. 

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or simply connect with your audience, growing your followers and engagement on social media can significantly contribute to the success of AMP. Here are practical strategies, including leveraging platform-specific features and broader engagement tactics, to help you achieve these goals.


Utilize Platform-Specific Features

Facebook and LinkedIn: Both platforms offer the functionality to invite people to follow your page. This is a straightforward way to grow your audience, especially among those who are already in your network or familiar with your brand. Use this feature wisely to target individuals who are most likely to be interested in your content.


X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and TikTok: These platforms suggest accounts for users to follow based on their interests and interactions. By actively engaging on these platforms and using relevant hashtags, your account may be recommended to potential followers, leading to organic growth. This reciprocal following strategy often results in those users following your page in return.


YouTube: The key to growing your audience on YouTube is to explicitly ask viewers to subscribe to your channel. This can be done through verbal calls-to-action in your channel description. Remember, subscribers are more likely to engage with your content regularly.


Follow and Engage with Your Clients

Regardless of the platform, make an effort to follow your clients and engage with their content. This not only strengthens your relationship with them but also increases the likelihood of them engaging with your content in return. Sharing and commenting on your company posts from your personal pages, and encouraging your employees to do the same, can significantly extend your reach and engagement levels.


Create Your Own Posts Too 

AMP will give you consistent branded product content, but it’s still up to you to show your company personality and brand. We do not require control over your account, so you are free to post about company events, employee anniversaries, special projects, and anything else that makes up your company’s “secret sauce”.


Comment as Your Company on Clients’ Posts

Taking the time to comment on your clients’ posts as your company is an effective way to get more clients paying attention to your posts. This strategy not only shows that you value the client’s content but also puts your brand in front of a broader audience who views those comments.


Focus on Your Most Effective Platform

While it’s tempting to try and conquer every social media platform, it’s crucial to recognize where your efforts will be most effective. Determine which platform you have the most reach on or feel the most comfortable using, and focus your efforts there first. Once you’ve established a strong presence, you can then consider expanding to other platforms. This approach ensures you’re not spreading your efforts too thinly and allows you to build a solid foundation of followers and engagement on one platform before moving on to the next.


Consistency is Key

Engagement and follower growth on social media don’t happen overnight. It requires consistent posting of quality content using AMP Social and AMP Video, engaging with your audience, and utilizing each platform’s features to their fullest potential. Consistency in your social media strategy not only helps in building a loyal audience but also improves your visibility and algorithm ranking on these platforms.



Growing your followers and engagement on social media is a multifaceted process that involves leveraging platform-specific features, engaging directly with your audience, and focusing your efforts on the platforms where you’re most likely to succeed. By implementing these strategies and using AMP for consistency, you can significantly increase your social media presence and, by extension, achieve your broader marketing and engagement goals. Remember, the key to success on social media is not just about the numbers but building meaningful connections with your audience that foster loyalty and engagement over time.