The week of February 12th, 2024

Written By: PromoPulse
February 16, 2024

This week at PromoPulse, we’re all about spreading love, kindness, and some serious promotional wisdom! Let’s dive into the highlights that not only captured our hearts but also sparked our imagination.

1. Valentine’s Day Special by Peerless Umbrella
Valentine’s Day may be over, but the love still lingers, especially with Peerless Umbrella’s special tribute to the 24th work anniversary of Anya McIntosh. Feel the love here.

2. February Favorites from S & S Activewear
February might be the shortest month, but S & S Activewear made sure it was packed with favorites. From cozy sweats to chic sportswear, they’ve got you covered. Check out their top picks here.

3. Spreading Kindness with Koozie Group
Koozie Group is on a mission to make kindness the star of the show this month. Join their campaign and let’s fill our communities with acts of kindness, one promotional product at a time. Learn more about their initiative here.

4. Cupid’s Arrow Strikes Houston, Thanks to Hirsch
Hirsch is bringing love to Houston with a new Key Accounts Manager! Discover how they’re making hearts flutter in the Lone Star State here.

From heartwarming stories to fabulous February finds, this week has been a whirlwind of emotions and inspiration. Dive into each story and let’s spread some promo love together.

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