The week of February 19th, 2024

Written By: PromoPulse
February 23, 2024

This week’s top picks from the promotional world are here, and they’re sure to spark your creativity and marketing genius! From the vibrant murals at #SMMW24 to the ultimate in comfort wear, our selection showcases the innovation and flair that the promotional products industry has to offer. Let’s dive into this week’s highlights:

  1. 3M Promotional Products made a splash at #SMMW24 with a breathtaking mural of 864 custom printed 4×4 Post-it(r) Notes that captured the essence of creativity and collaboration. This masterpiece not only added a pop of color to the event but also demonstrated the power of promotional products in creating lasting impressions.
  2. S & S Activewear invites you to discover unparalleled comfort with their latest line of soft apparel. Designed for both style and comfort, their products promise to elevate your brand and make a soft statement that’s hard to forget.
  3. Peerless Umbrella shared a moment of joy from Fort Worth, where Dan and Katie experienced the warmth and hospitality of the American Solutions for Business National Conference. Their story is a reminder of the personal connections that promotional products can foster, bridging brands and communities.
  4. Koozie Group brings you an exclusive deal that’s too good to miss! Until March 31, 2024, take advantage of their special offer and add a touch of excitement to your promotional endeavors. It’s a golden opportunity to snag some fantastic products at unbeatable prices.

This week’s selection showcases the versatility and impact of promotional products. From creating visual spectacles to offering comfort and unbeatable deals, the promotional products industry continues to innovate and inspire.

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