The week of February 5th, 2024

Written By: PromoPulse
February 09, 2024

This week at PromoPulse, we’re spotlighting a selection of unique and engaging promotional content that caught our eye. Dive into this week’s top picks, each from a distinct entity, showcasing the variety and creativity in the promotional world.

🖋️ Hub Pen | HPG Introduces the Facett!

Discover the elegance of the Facett executive pen, a masterpiece of design with its gunmetal barrels and faceted gem-like trim. This pen isn’t just about looks; it offers an exceptional writing experience with its smooth writing hybrid ink. Perfect for executives who value both style and function. Explore more about this exquisite pen here.

🍫 Maple Ridge Farms, Inc. Unveils a Treasure Trove of Premium Chocolates

Craving something sweet? Maple Ridge Farms invites you to discover the treasure at the end of the rainbow with their stylish gift box filled with premium chocolates. From creamy peanut butter meltaways to smooth chocolate sea salt caramels, it’s a mouthwatering delight. Find your favorite treat here.

🌍 Koozie Group’s Commitment to the Planet

As Earth Day approaches, Koozie Group reminds us that every day is an opportunity to make lasting changes for our planet. Their new Koozie® Big Recycled Tumbler is a testament to this commitment, featuring a 90% recycled stainless steel body and a 100% recycled plastic lid. Join their sustainability journey here.

🤠 Warwick Publishing Takes on Texas

YEEE-HAW! Watch out, Texas, because Warwick Publishing is coming to town. Phil will be showcasing at the 2024 Southern Showcase by LDK Marketing Services, bringing a taste of cowboy charm to the event. Don’t miss out on the fun here.

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