The week of January 1st, 2024

Written By: PromoPulse
January 05, 2024

Hello Promo Enthusiasts! Let’s dive into this week’s roundup of the top promotional posts. These highlights showcase the creativity and engagement in the marketing world. Don’t forget, you can always find more inspiration and information with our free DIY Marketer plan at PromoPulse.

  1. Peerless Umbrella’s Dynamic Start at ASI Orlando
    The ASI Orlando event kicked off with a bang, thanks to Peerless Umbrella. Their presence added a spark of creativity and innovation, making the event memorable. Delve into their story at Peerless Umbrella’s Post.
  2. Koozie Group’s Charitable Impact
    Koozie Group’s contribution to the American Cancer Society highlights their commitment to making a positive difference. Their efforts in supporting community welfare are truly inspiring. Learn more about their initiative at Koozie Group’s Post.
  3. 3M Promotional Products: Innovating Marketing
    3M Promotional Products displayed their creativity and quality at its finest. Their innovative approach to promotional goods is a beacon for marketers seeking new ideas. Explore their offerings at 3M Promotional Products’ Post.
  4. Showdown Displays: Ready for Action at ASI Orlando
    Showdown Displays brought their A-game to ASI Orlando, showcasing their latest and greatest in promotional displays. Their enthusiasm and innovative designs are a must-see. Check out their vibrant display at Showdown Displays’ Post.