The week of January 29th, 2024

Written By: PromoPulse
February 02, 2024

This week at PromoPulse, we’ve scoured the realm of promotional insights to bring you a mix of innovation, honor, enthusiasm, and sustainability from four unique publishers. Here’s what caught our eye:

  1. S & S Activewear is buzzing with excitement for the Fall, unveiling their New Jersey Distribution Center that promises to revolutionize how we think about fast, efficient service in the industry. Their ambition sets a high bar for logistical excellence. Read more about their plans.
  2. Peerless Umbrella takes a moment of pride as they’ve been named one of the 2024 Top Workplaces, a testament to their unwavering commitment to creating a positive work environment. It’s an honor that speaks volumes about their values and dedication. Discover their story.
  3. At Showdown Displays, Teresa and Mark were making waves at the SAAGNY show, showcasing their latest offerings and lighting up the floor with innovation. Their dynamic presence underlines the company’s commitment to leading the way in display solutions. See what they’re up to.
  4. Finally, Koozie Group brings us the best of both worlds in 2024 with their latest launch, merging IMAGEN Brands under the Koozie Group® name. Their forward-thinking approach to product development is not just about meeting demands but about setting new standards for eco-friendly promotional products. Learn about their initiative.

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