The week of March 4th, 2024

Written By: PromoPulse
March 08, 2024

A Week of Celebrations and Innovations in the Promo World 🚀

The promotional industry never ceases to amaze with its continuous innovation, achievements, and community spirit. This week, we witnessed a range of exciting developments from various entities, each contributing uniquely to the vibrant fabric of our industry.

First off, 🎉 HPG Brands made headlines with their exhilarating announcement that Brand Director Nick Lateur was named #1 on the #Online18 Social Media Influencers for the entire promotional products industry. In a display of pride and achievement, they shared news that resonated with excitement and future prospects.

Next, we traveled with Maple Ridge Farms, Inc. on their insightful journey down to Atlanta to the Facilisgroup 2024 Supplier Showcase. Their story, rich with experience and collaboration, reflects the industry’s dynamic nature and the endless possibilities when minds meet.

In another part of the promo world, Hirsch took center stage with a fresh-off-the-presses update about new Key Accounts Managers, Amanda Vaughn and Brett Long.

Finally, PromoCorner celebrated the remarkable achievement of Halle Moore. This recognition is not just a personal victory but a symbol of the talent and dedication that thrives within the promotional industry. It’s stories like these that inspire and motivate us to strive for excellence in our endeavors.

As we reflect on this week’s highlights, it’s clear that the promotional industry is a melting pot of innovation, collaboration, and celebration. Each entity brings its own flavor to the mix, creating a rich and diverse community that’s always moving forward.

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