The week of November 13th, 2023

Written By: PromoPulse
November 17, 2023

This week’s selection of engaging promotional posts offers a dynamic mix of industry insights and innovative ideas. Let’s dive into our top picks:

  1. S & S Activewear’s Midwest Meeting: A spotlight on the recent Midwest Regional Sales Meeting by S & S Activewear. This event showcased the latest trends and strategies in the promotional industry, proving to be an insightful gathering for professionals. Read more about the event here.
  2. PromoCorner’s Industry Insider Live: PromoCorner hosted an exciting live event on November 15, 2023, featuring special guest Brett Garran. This session offered valuable industry insights and the latest updates in the promotional world. Rewatch this session.
  3. 3M Promotional Products Celebrates Johanna Black: Big congratulations are in order for multi-line rep Johanna Black from Ball and Black, LLC. This recognition highlights her significant contributions to the promotional products industry. Learn more about her achievements.
  4. Koozie Group’s Creative Campaign: The Koozie Group’s latest campaign focuses on the exceptional return on investment that calendars offer. Their creative approach uses humor and practicality to highlight the effectiveness of calendars in marketing strategies. Explore their unique campaign.

These posts exemplify the diversity and creativity within the promotional industry, from insightful gatherings and live events to recognition of individual excellence and innovative marketing campaigns.

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