The week of September 18th, 2023

Written By: PromoPulse
September 22, 2023

Hey there promo aficionados! 🎉
If you’ve been wondering what’s been popping in the promo universe, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive right in!

3M’s Burger Bash! 🍔
Ever thought promotions could be delicious? 3M did with their celebration for ‘National Cheeseburger Day’! Check it out here.

Maple Ridge Farms’ Camo Day! 🌲
Talk about blending in style! The Ridger crew at Maple Ridge Farms sported camo apparel for ‘Friday Fun Day’, all prepped for the bowhunting season in Wisconsin. Dive into the camo vibes here.

Koozie Group’s Promo Showoff 😎
These folks are at it again, dazzling us with their latest ‘promotions’. Peek into their world here.

Taiga Coolers and their Adventure Tales 🏞️
It’s all about vibing with nature and adventures at Taiga Coolers. Get the full story here.

That’s a wrap for now! Till next time, keep those promo spirits high! 🚀