What to expect after you sign up for AMP

Written By: PromoPulse
February 23, 2024

Getting started with AMP is very easy, in fact it’s 1-2-3 easy:

  1. Pick your preferred suppliers
  2. Upload your customer list
  3. Connect your social accounts

After that, we’ll schedule your email, social and video campaigns and you will have consistent “set it and forget it” branded product marketing to always stay top-of-mind with clients!

But, just because it is easy, it doesn’t mean AMP isn’t a robust system. Here is what to expect when you become an AMP customer:



👉 There is no login to remember or software to learn, we will set up your account and maintain it for you!



Be on the lookout for the Welcome to AMP by PromoPulse email, it explains how to do the first three steps.

While you get us your info, we will build your Idea Generator (landing page) using the logo and info from your website. We’ll have you double-check everything, plus give you the link to “Distributor Mode” where you can see supplier and product info.

We will create a special email address for you and send email campaigns from the domain name “”. By sending from our domain, instead of yours, it prevents email being flagged as phishing and limits the possibilities of your domain getting blacklisted. If a customer replies to this email address, we will forward it to you.

We will schedule your email, social and video campaigns for you, but you are free to change the days and times to whatever you’d like.


  • We have pre-built supplier lists from the top distributor groups, but you can still pick and choose from any supplier in the industry. Choose between 50 and 100 for best results.
  • If you are suffering from “compiling my client list anxiety”, we recommend you get started with a few of your top customers then add more later.
  • The admin of your social media pages will need to connect your accounts.
  • If your personal page has a larger following on LinkedIn than your company, it might make sense to post to your personal account instead of a company account.
  • If you include a first name in your email list, we will send personalized emails to your clients (which results in higher open rates).
  • We’ll include your name in the “from” address; we recommend you do this if clients are more familiar with your name than your company name.
  • The best time to email or post is when your clients are in front of their computers or phones.



Once your account is active, we have a series of emails that keep you in the loop:

  • Scheduled to Send/Post Tomorrow: 24 hours prior to your campaign date, we will send you an email with the copy and contents. NOTE: if you’d like to change the copy, email the changes to prior to the campaign time.
  • Your AMP Campaign Has Started: We’ll send an email once your campaign starts that includes the original content and suppliers in your campaign This email includes a link to your Idea Generator in “Distributor Mode” to easily see supplier information.
  • Your Campaign Stats: 5 days after your campaign has been sent, we will send you detailed stats like open rates, clicks, and engagement. If this was an email campaign, this email includes a link to a .csv file with individual subscriber opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces.
  • Message from Customer: If a client fills out the product request form on your Idea Generator, we will send these requests to the address(es) of your choice. Included in the email is the supplier and original product content. (And if a client replies to your AMP email, we will forward this to you too.)
  • AMP Customer Requests: a recap of requests from the previous week, sent every Monday for you to double-check that you have reached out to everyone.
  • AMPLIFIER: we will send this email periodically to AMP customers with new features, tips, and other information.


  • Link your Idea Generator (landing page) to your website to collect new leads and give your customers an infinite scroll of branded product ideas. More info: How to use your Idea Generator
  • We will handle unsubscribes and bounces for you.



While we will always be sending out the freshest and trendiest branded product content, you can also affect the success of your AMP campaigns:


  • Regularly send us list updates or consider integrating with your CRM to keep your list automatically updated. Be sure to include your clients’ first names for email personalization!
  • If you have upcoming events or announcements, send us the copy, we can include it in your next email campaign.
  • Don’t be shy about posting your own content to social media too; let clients see the personality and capabilities of your company.
  • Getting followers and engagement on social media requires work on your part. Here are some tips.
  • Review your preferred supplier list from time to time (email for the link).
  • If you’d like to review your client subscriber list, including bounces and unsubscribes, email and we will send it to you.
  • Be sure to update us on new logo and address changes or if you add a new social media platform.
  • We will send new features and updates periodically to AMP customers in our AMPLIFIER email; please be sure to take advantage of new features when they come out!